About Us

Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd is a privately owned, Australian based; Water and Waste Water Treatment OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) business – focussing on the design and construct packaged systems for the Australasian market.

The company was incorporated in 2002, with two equal share partners, and traded as a partnership in its early beginnings for a number of years before progressing to a Pty Ltd organisation in late 2008. The company is now solely owned by Shane Ayre.

Akwa-Worx’ original  focus was providing the existing market with installation and service support to larger peers within the industry. In late 2003, Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd changed focus to provide a small “design and construct” to the market and produced many small water and waste water treatment systems for clients that had unique and challenging requirements. This market showed a large potential for growth and Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd invested in product development and design to provide solutions for the unique applications and challenges it presented which resulted in an excellent product line for a growing client base with repeat business.

By late 2004, as business and market recognition increased, Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd continued with investment in personnel, product development and incorporated advanced design and technology into our systems to provide a leading edge product to the water treatment market, matching and in some cases exceeding industry expectations with the level of quality, process design, efficiency and ease of operation and maintenance that our systems provide.

Today, Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd has a strong market reputation for providing quality, robust systems that allow flexibility to accommodate changes in conditions, engineering to suit the long term requirements as well as short term needs of our clients. The core focus has been and will continue to be designing and supplying systems that continually meet client expectations, with a long term design life, reflective of the investment asked by clients. Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd is now an organisation capable of providing a wide range of scale of systems from small to medium and large modular style water treatment systems. Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd moved to larger premises and workshop in early 2012 to allow for full scale construction, testing and pre-commissioning of systems and treatment plants.

As the industry becomes more aware of legislated obligations, environmental concerns and expectations, as well as a need to become more efficient with a long term focus on capital and operating costs, the recognition that Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd can provide training, support, design and solutions for all of these challenges; grows.

Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd focus is on providing expert solutions for the core markets of:

  • OEM Packaged Potable and Sewage Water Treatment
  • Chemical Dosing Plants
  • Pumping and Control Systems
  • Mechanical Installation.

Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd currently employs thirty (30) team members, with specialties in engineering design and drafting, workshop fabrication and installation, electrical design and installation and testing, site installation and testing and commissioning, project management and co-ordination, drawing and document management, after sales service and remote monitoring, technical service and expertise and contract servicing to cover all areas required to support Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd projects. The combined experience of the team that is Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd is one of the leading factors placing the company at the leading edge of the market. With continual improvement, design advancement incorporating leading industry technology, and an overall desire to ensure our clients receive the best possible support and advice available in today’s market; will drive Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd to continue to provide quality systems and service. A part of this is to inform our clients, ensuring our clients are armed with all the information we can provide them to make an informed and educated decision based on their requirements in a market which still sees varied design, quality and service.

Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd is proud to offer the industry an Australian designed and manufactured product, with solid accountability at all levels of the design and construct phase as an integral part of the solutions we offer. Increasing accountability demands by the market has seen Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd well placed to provide a quality engineered solution.

In an ever changing and competitive market, with heavy focus on capital expenditure now NOT the only major driver for market share, we believe our focus on quality and design places us in a market leading position now and into the future, and our team looks forward to the challenges the future will provide.