Build Own Operate (BOO) / Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT)


Build Own Operate (BOO)
/ Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT)

De.mem also has the ability to offer so-called Build, Own, Operate (BOO) or Build, Own/Operate, Transfer (BOOT) arrangements to its clients.

Under a BOO arrangement, the ownership in the respective water or waste water treatment system remains with De.mem , and De.mem runs the system on-site on the client’s behalf. If a BOOT arrangement is requested, the ownership in the water treatment system will be transferred to the client after a certain, pre-agreed period of time.

As a result, beyond the provision of operations & maintenance services, in the case of BOO/BOOT arrangements, De.mem also provides the financing of the system to the client.

This offer comes along with the following advantages for De.mem clients:

  • Cost savings: Based on the De.mem proposal, our clients can easily calculate the cost and/or potential cost savings resulting from the implementation of the water treatment system
  • No upfront capital expenditure: De.mem charges a recurring, monthly fee to the client – which means that no or only limited upfront capital investment is required by the client
  • Limited liability: As De.mem provides a performance guarantee for the treated water, the client’s liability for the water of or waste water treatment process is limited.
  • Focus on core activities: De.mem is responsible for all manpower, operations and maintenance. This frees up manpower and resources for the client, which helps them focus on their core
  • Minimum disruption: As far as possible, De.mem will base its solutions on the existing processes which are already in place. This will lead to minimum disruption for the client when the new system is implemented.