Systems & Services



All systems are designed and built at our facility using industry recognised quality components, with all designs offered ensuring that maximum efficiency and reliability is achieved, with a suitable design life to meet the client’s needs. All this is done with a focus on controlling capital expenditure to an acceptable level with a focus on return on investment and ongoing operating costs on behalf of the client.


Potable Water Treatment Plants1AKW0514_3 A

We specify, design, construct and market potable water treatment plants from 5 kl to 350 kl per day. Source water is analysed and provides the basis for determining the level of pre-filtration and chemical treatment, level of Ultra-filtration (UF), water softening and reverse osmosis (RO) which may be required. We will determine the size of the water storages required and provide the disinfection necessary for maintaining the water quality required for potable use.



Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

We provide clients with a range of Sewage treatment plants from Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) and Biological Nutrient reduction Reactor (BNR) to Membrane bio-Reactor (MBR) type plants depending on the size of the plants and customer requirements. The base Sewage Treatment Plants sizes range from 25 kl to 35 kl per day, with staged expansion if required.1AKW0514_15 A

We design, build, test and pre-commission the Sewage Treatment Plant at our workshop premises. In addition, we supervise the fabrication of steel process reactors and control containers sized to the dimensions of a high cube shipping container to enable the use of current transport and shipping. The use of steel containers in the dimensions of high cube shipping containers allows us to build systems in a modular configuration. This allows for staged works and expansion of the plants in short time frames as necessary. The plants are designed in accordance with the reclaimed water quality required and ranges from Class A +, Class A and Class B as a minimum quality of output.



Chemical Dosing PlantsAKW051_07

We are involved in the production of chemical dosing plants for existing water treatment plants as re- furbishment, chemical treatment in industry and municipalities chloromination, chlorine dioxide plants for dis-infection, medical use, food industry and car wash industries.








As well as providing all our own project electrical requirements, the electrical team can provide: site installations and services, including maintenance, breakdowns, fault finding, process control and site installations. We specialise in industrial, commercial, health, and rural with support in pumps, VSD’s, PLC’s and Automation, and of course everyday contracting services.

Based in Caboolture, we provide a full service in the south east corner of Queensland and the rest of the state with minimal notice.

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Project Management

We have trained project site supervisors for undertaking the requirements for onsite installation of our plants. All sites are unique in their requirements and we work with clients to ensure that all personnel are competent, capable of undertaking inductions, following procedures according to Job Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) requirements, and undertaking work under required Work, Health & Safety standards. Our personnel undergo all workplace, health and safety requirements for our premises and onsite.


Operation and Maintenance Manuals

We compile comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals for each treatment plant. The manuals cover all aspects of the plant from safety, description of operation, installation, components, Process and Instruments Drawings (P&IDS’s), component location and numbering plans, component manuals (for operation, maintenance and warranty), checklists for daily weekly and monthly operation and maintenance.


Operating Training

On completion of installation and commissioning of plants, we undertake basic training of qualified operating personnel. The training takes place on-site after commissioning, and consists of running through the operation of all components involved in the control of the water and waster water treatment process, including the operation of the Human Machine Interface (HMI). The training covers checking procedures of the plant from the hardware to the alarms and operation status as included on the HMI. The training takes the operator through what to do under normal instances of alarms and malfunction. Additional in depth training can be provided upon request. Operators are expected to be qualified with a minimum Certificate IV in competency of operation.


Servicing Potable Water and Sewage Treatment Plants

Our potable water treatment plants are sophisticated systems with highly technical equipment. The plants operate via a Programme Logic Controller (PLC) through Human Machine Interface (HMI) which displays on the screen a visual indication of possessive -components operating status, instrumentation readout as well as allow manual over-ride. We require a competent and qualifies operator to operate, maintain and carry out the correct procedures in the event of malfunctions. We provide back-up service for trained operators. We do also offer service personnel for monthly servicing or on a contract basis, site based operators, fully trained in the operation and maintenance of the plants, this service also includes the supply of chemicals for the Ultra Filtration (UF) cleaning and disinfection of the final treated water.



Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd can also provide a full range of Technical Research and Design support to help you optimise existing equipment or provide advice on upgrading or installing new equipment.