Industrial Waste Water


Industrial Waste Water

Industrial waste water often contains contaminants such as oil, organic and inorganic chemicals, effluents and toxins which can be extremely harmful when disposed into the environment. The removal of these contaminants is a strict legal requirement. Violations are subject to heavy fines.

In countries in the Asia-Pacific region like China, the enforcement of these laws has become extremely strict. I.e., to improve water quality and efficiency across China the Chinese Government has recently implemented the ‘Ten Measures of Water Policy’ which seeks to control pollution discharge, promote economic and industrial transformation and save and recycle resources. This requires the industry to implement substantial processes and systems for the treatment of their waste water.

De.mem offers a variety of industrial waste water treatment solutions to meet the requirements of clients. These systems can be integrated into recycling and reclamation processes. The company’s solutions range from pre-treatment over treatment of industrial waste water, toxic waste and other hazardous materials to the post-treatment of recycle and reuse water.

The processes implemented by De.mem to remove specific industrial waste water contaminants vary with every industry and factory. The requirement of each manufacturing plant, purpose of the treatment and desired usage of the treated water is taken into account by De.mem to develop the most appropriate process and system design.

De.mem offers solutions i.e. for the following industries:
  • Mining
  • Food & beverage
  • Oil & gas
  • Electronics
  • Other
    1. Aquatic
    2. Fleet operators & car wash
    3. Other

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