Process Water


Process Water

Process water is a non-potable type of water which is used in connection with production processes in factories, power plants, cooling towers etc., and not meant for human consumption. The source of process water can be from the product of an industrial waste water treatment, domestic wastewater or other water treatment process.

Most often process water is treated for a certain requirement. Amongst many others, De.mem is able to provide solutions for the following industry specific problems:

  • Ultrapure water for semi-conductor plants
  • Boiler water for power plants
  • Low sulfate water for oil well reinjection
  • Grey water treatment for irrigation
  • Ballast water from ships
  • Make-up water for cooling towers
  • Deionized water for carwash
  • Treated water for swimming pool
  • Therapy color removal from textile and pulp and paper industries

In aqueous concentration, membranes are used for food and beverage concentration, wine filtration and concentration and liquid coffee concentration.

The processes involve removal of specific water contaminants varies with every industry. The requirement of each manufacturing plant, purpose of the treatment and end user usage of the treated water are evaluated and considered.